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Jimslip movie Jimslip movie
Well as part of my new policy of getting off my butt and going outside, I have for the first time, tried out my 500 challenge. Basically the idea is to approach a female in public and offer her 500 in cash to perform with me in a scene. Naturally, I was expecting to be punched in the face, but using my skills of discretion and charm, I manage to entice the georgeous student, Louise, back to my lair. Well, what a surprise, she was wonderful, I noticed her heart rate was at least 200bpm at the beginning, so she was nervous, which is natural. But, what a scene and she threw in a bum-fun session for the hell of it. In this I dressed her in leg-warmers and bikini, in the style of the 1980's and even produced a 1980's vibrator for her to use. I'd bought it at a car-boot sale, with a sign on it saying, "One careful elderly lady owner, recently deceased". Anyway with a brisk scrubbing in Domestos and a new set of batteries, it was raring to go, in fact it was so powerful it popped out of my hand and started to bounce across the floor unaided. Now, that's what I call quality! Watch Jim the office stud fucking those filthy sluts >>
Jimslip movie Jimslip movie
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